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Termite Control Orange County CA Methods:


For the best Termite and Pest Control services, you have come to the right place.  We take pride in being Pest Control specialists; every day more Orange County, CA households choose KK Termite as their preferred pest control provider.

How Buildings Are Fumigated


48 hrs prior – The fumigation company will make a request to Southern California Gas Company for gas turn OFF

Day 1 – On the day of fumigation the structure is completely sealed (because Vikane and Zythor are gases); this serves to contain the gas in the building so it can penetrate wood thoroughly and eliminate the pests.

Day 2 – The tents are up, the gases work to eliminate pests in the structure.

Day 3 – The tarps are removed, a professional fumigator will aerate the structure by opening the doors and windows. Fans may also be used to clear out the building. Once the dwelling has been thoroughly aerated, the fumigation company is required to measure the level of any fumigant in the living space to ensure it is below the EPA approved concentration for re-entry by the occupants.

Day 3 – The fumigator will post a notice on your building indicating the date and time for reentry.

Day 3 or after – Customer will make a request to Southern California Gas Company for gas turn ON at least 24 hours prior

Local Treatment


Also called a spot treatment, local treatment involves treating only the accessible wood. Treating only the accessible wood may prevent hidden termite infestations in other areas of a home from being reached, resulting in overlooked and potentially continued damage to the structure.  Drywood termites can live inside wall voids for years before a homeowner realizes the severity of the problem. It’s difficult to detect the presence of drywood termites because they live and eat inside a structure’s wooden beams, studs, molding and wood members. For properties with minimal evidence of termite infestation, usually a local termite treatment is recommended.



For the whole structure, we recommend Vikane or Zythor gas fumigant is the only proven solution for 100-percent control of drywood termite infestations throughout an entire structure, including infestations hidden in inaccessible areas (in wall voids, studs, wood members). Whole-structure fumigation with Vikane gas or Zythor gas fumigant is a popular treatment choice in Southern California. There is peace of mind that homeowners get from a whole-structure treatment. It eliminates all infestations at once, including the undetectable termite infestations, which results in complete home protection from drywood termites.


As of November 2010 the California Aeration Plan (CAP) for Structural Fumigations took effect. This plan requires that we open at least one operable window at least 3 inches for each room, including the garage, that contains a window that can be accessed and opened by normal means. During the past several months our industry has seen an increase in break-ins. The break-ins occurred during both the exposure period and after the aeration has commenced.

We advise our customers to contact their local police departments to make them aware that they are having their homes fumigated as the police may wish to increase their patrols in neighborhoods undergoing fumigation.

KK Termite nor our contracted fumigation company will provide security during the fumigation process and neither company will be liable for theft.